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Kameleon Jewelry

What is Kameleon Jewelry

All of us share a basic desire to express our individuality, our feelings and emotions – to stand out from the crowd. Inspired by Nature, Kameleon has captured the essence of this spirit with the launch of a line of sterling silver interchangeable jewelry.

Kameleon’s base jewelry designs include rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and pins. They feature natural, flowing lines that are all carefully crafted in sterling silver to accept small interchangeable inserts called JewelPops.

Kameleon Jewelry resonates with what today’s consumers are seeking – beautiful jewelry that is flexible, versatile and reflects a sense of individualism and style. Investing in Kameleon sterling silver comes with the added value of infinite possibilities tailored for every mood and wardrobe change.

Kameleon recently filed for bankrupty...order your pops and pieces now before we run out! This makes me very sad as I loved this line!