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Fund Raising

Fund Raisers are a great way to expand and promote your business or organization. You are not limited to any season, and in most cases there is no little or no overhead. If prepared and administered smoothly, your patrons will look forward to your yearly events. You will find the entire experience to be rewarding for all! Contact us if you wish to have an event , we have many products and services that you can have to raise money! 903 638-6085



* Create-A-Book is the oldest and largest publisher of instant personalized books.
* All the books created have an inherent educational value and fundamental reading practice aids.
* All the books are of high quality and professionally bound.
* All the books contain the child’s name, age, hometown and the names of several friends or relatives.
* The personalization is customized for each book made one order at a time.
* The hand made books utilize a safety bind method insuring the child’s safety and longevity of the book.
* Titles available include many social and community related topics to help teach the child about pertinent social ideals.
* New titles are added regularly and reflect market demands.
* Story variables can be manipulated to include community goals and ideals.
* Special sponsor pages can be incorporated into the hand bound books.
* Special annual community events can be inserted into the story line!


* The stories were created to motivate readers and to give the child more self-worth. Tomorrow’s leaders will be more prepared to be successful.
* Reader-friendly books with high quality craftsmanship and components.
* The personal touch which makes every book a lifetime keepsake.
* Attention to detail which results in customer satisfaction.
* The placing of sponsors’ names in the home for years to come.
* Community recognition for your group as a leader in the fight for literacy among our youth, and at the same time raising funds for other worthwhile projects.
* Fund raisers can be repeated yearly with the same quality products but with new, updated technologies and contemporary titles.
* Community leaders will become recognized for their support of educational goals.
* The children are empowered with self esteem and a sense of accomplishment.
* The project will raise money for your church, school, group or organization.
* It’s a
WIN-WIN event for all!

If you are interested and would like more information on these programs, or you would like to sponsor a program, please e-mail us xxx@xxxxx.com or call xxx-xxx-xxxx.